About the Art

The View From The Window, 2019. Mixed Media. 30″ x 24″ $450

My work explores the creative play of tension between representation and abstraction. Most of my work layers a realistic subject with a break in how it is shown: colour, line, shape, and text interrupt, obscure, and alter the form. These interruptions ultimately enhance our experience of understanding the subject in a way that representation alone does not.

For me, the work plays with ideas, memory, and ways of knowing. For instance, there may be a subject that one knows intimately, but it is always changing and evolving. One’s understanding of this subject is forever shifting as well. If we remember a memory again and again, the memory becomes the thing, rather than the thing itself. A memory can eventually have holes or gaps worn into it; we “fix” these with story-telling or imagination.

This flux may prevent one from truly understanding a subject, whether it is the flower you are painting or the people with whom you make your life. And yet, we come together and share our joy, sadness, or frustration… we come together regardless of this gap. We still seek to touch even though we are never truly touching.