For inquiries, please see the contact page. Artworks listed as “Private Collection” have already sold. These paintings may be available as giclee prints; please inquire.

My artwork can be categorized as expressive oil painting and travel watercolours. I am inspired by nature: the light, the sky, and being out in the woods. I hope you enjoy my work and please reach out if you have any questions.

Current Work (2018-2020)

Large oil paintings that employ the sky as an expressive motif.


The View Down The Hall, 2019. Oil Paint. 30″ x 20″. Private collection.

Cloud Studies (2019-2020)

These small paintings investigate the many varieties of prairie skies. They inform my current body of work.


Expressive Realism (2016-2018)

This work is done mainly in oil paints, working over time with models, photographs, music, and poetry to inspire. The work is highly personal with emotional content.

Going, 2016. Mixed Media. 48″ x 48″. $2000

Travel Watercolour

All watercolour work is done en plein air, meaning outdoors, which leads to some interesting adventures. I’ve had the tide washing in over me as I desperately finish a painting, sand blown into my paint, I’ve endured the worst sandflies the badlands can offer… I have even had my paint freeze! Most are about postcard sized.


Canmore, Alberta, Canada


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