About the Artist

Painting at Red Deer College
August 2017 – Photo by Tessa Nunn at Red Deer College

I am an artist working in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I can recall watercolour painting next to my mom at the kitchen table from a young age, curious and fascinated by how the colour moved. As an adult, I studied art first at the University of Alberta, then at Julian Ashton Art School in Australia. I combine my love of art with my other passion, teaching art at every opportunity. My work has been featured at Gallery @501 and the Edmonton International Airport, and is part of the permanent collection of Strathcona County. 

My artistic process is a combination of disciplined study and intuitive investigation. I paint cloud studies as a way to develop fluency in colour, form, and paint handling. The sky is never the same twice, and while I have painted over 200 studies, I haven’t yet run out of inspiration! These inform my expressive work: large expressive sky paintings built by layering scenes and views from ordinary life, imbued with metaphor.

DPP 2017
Watercolour painting in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Frank de Groot

Melissa is represented by Bay 1 Gallery. Her work has been collected in Canada, the USA, and Europe.

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Creating art can help us process the tough times in life.


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